Meet Tern Society Members

Tern Society members are a dedicated and inspiring group of people who ensure our conservation work gets done. Learn more about the people who help secure our future!

Hear why Point Blue Tern Society members Rigdon Currie and Trish Johnson are leaving a legacy gift to Point Blue in their will:

We thank all our Tern Society members for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.

Dix and Didi Boring, former Point Blue Board Member

"When we began preparing our will, we both knew that Point Blue Conservation Science was one of the charitable organizations we had to include. We first became involved over 20 years ago and we've witnessed the organization grow almost 10-fold in size-expanding to become one of the leading conservation research organizations."

"We joined because we are avid birders and much of the organization's early work focused on migratory birds. As Point Blue expanded its role and focused more and more on climate change and the impact of development, we became more involved and energized as conservationists."

"We are confident in Point Blue Conservation Science's mission- the scientific longevity and data keeping of its programs, leadership in avian ecology research and the ability of its leadership to blend organizational skills with the best conservation science. We know that our support will be effectively used and will bring enduring benefits for generations to come."

Linda Fisher and Leah Norwood

"Point Blue is vital, energetic and visionary and these traits led to our decision to join the Tern Society and leave a legacy gift. We believe that if the world we now know is to continue to thrive, or even survive, it will take dedicated and impassioned scientists and conservationists to lead the way. Point Blue's thoughtful approach--using science to identify the most durable and appropriate methods to deal with climate and habitat change to protect birds and other wildlife--holds the key to the future. It is only by supporting Point Blue and helping them advance their science-based solutions that future generations will be able to enjoy the diversity of wildlife and the natural spaces that nurture and sustain all of us."

Scott and Claudia Hein

"We've had an interest in nature and conservation for decades. When we first moved to the Bay area in 1988 one of our early trips was to the Palomarin Field Station. We were very impressed with the mission of the organization and the dedication of the scientists and our enthusiasm grew even greater when we met Rich Stallcup in 1993."

"We believe that that the scientific research and outreach that Point Blue conducts helps us protect and preserve the Natural World. Joining the Tern Society is a way to express our commitment to education and science as the key to preservation and conservation - and our belief in Point Blue's mission and vision."

Aaron Holmes

"Point Blue's long-term monitoring data provide a unique context to interpret patterns and understand dynamics that are easily overlooked in typical shorter-term research projects. Like any sound investment, the programs, which now span multiple decades, will appreciate in value the longer they are maintained. Having worked with long-term monitoring projects, I know that maintaining funding can be difficult. In a rapidly changing world I want to help ensure that Point Blue's programs continue to provide the context needed to interpret changes in wildlife populations and ultimately inform sound management of our treasured natural resources."

Emily Hanna Johnson

"My involvement with Point Blue Conservation Science started years ago; I provided some public relations support to the organization and went along to visit the Palomarin Field Station. I was impressed by the passion and dedication of the scientists and the young people who work in the field and conduct much of the research."

"I soon came to realize the importance of Point Blue's research for today and especially for the future; research that helps improve and activate programs for many conservation organizations. Working to conserve wildlife and ecosystems resonated with me; I took on a volunteer role with Point Blue for five years- helping out at the headquarters office with many tasks, large and small. Throughout my involvement my impression of Point Blue and its people has steadily grown and I know that my gift will help continue their important work."

Robin Leong, former Point Blue Board Member

"My dad gave me some sage advice when I was growing up. 'Son, try to do something with your time on this Earth to make it a better place to live.' Belonging to the Tern Society I can do one better, making the Earth a better place to live when I'm gone."

Regina Phelps

"I am moved by the forward thinking research that Point Blue does and that is why I support the important work they do. Learning about the effect that habitat loss has on bird and other wildlife populations and gaining a greater understanding of the impact of climate change are two elements of Point Blue's work that I believe are vitally important."

"Point Blue is a forward thinking organization with a skilled team of scientists who are dedicated problem-solvers; I find their work inspiring and that is why I have included Point Blue in my estate plans. My hope is that my support and the support from others who join the Tern Society will allow Point Blue to continue this important work for many years to come."